6 Cool Ways to Minimize Strain on Your AC

Summer AC temperatures will cause your air conditioner to use more energy to cool your home, thus increasing your electricity bill. Keeping your air conditioner from overworking is not as difficult as you may think. Maintaining your air conditioner and being proactive with it can make a big difference on how the system works, increasing HVAC efficiency.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

A modern programmable thermostat can serve you well and reduce the amount of stress placed on your heating and air conditioning system if you still use your old thermostat to control your home’s temperature. With an ENERGY STAR-qualified smart thermostat, you can drastically reduce your energy costs while still keeping you and your family comfortable.

Change the Air Filters

Dirty air filters restrict airflow and increase the workload of your cooling system. As these filters deteriorate, dirt and particle contaminants may enter your HVAC system. An air conditioning service provider can usually provide the information you need to choose air filters and schedule the replacement of those air filters on a schedule that works for you.

Install a Solar Attic Fan

Solar-powered fans are ideal for attics, bonus bedrooms, and any other upstairs space that gets hot  in the summer. They help reduce cooling costs and pull hot air out of the attic. Since hot air rises, the upstairs rooms and attic are typically the most difficult to keep cool. Pushing the hot air out through the attic will allow cooler air to cycle through the A/C system, making it easier to keep a cooler temperature at less energy cost.

Don’t Let Your Home Become Too Hot

Your cooling system might be put under strain by the indoor heat in your home. You can take a variety of measures to reduce these aggravating effects. During the day, close the blinds, curtains, and keep all the windows shut. Set up your ceiling fans, which help to circulate air and provide a cooling feeling for those in the house.

Where you can, reduce the use of heat-producing appliances such as incandescent bulbs, ovens, and clothes dryers. The more you can use those in the evenings or cooler mornings, the better..

Invest In Your Home’s Insulation

When a house lacks enough insulation, some of the energy used to cool a house goes to waste. Houses are kept at a comfortable temperature with insulation in the walls and ceilings. Additionally, check your window and door seals for leaks, and fix those that fail to keep the cool air inside.

Plan Routine Maintenance

Air conditioning systems need regular maintenance in order to last as long as possible. Have your HVAC system inspected at least twice a year by a professional, who will replace the air filters, clean the coils, clean the ducts, and look for anything else that might cause problems. The inspection of your system will ensure that it is functioning properly and is operating efficiently.

Follow These Easy Tips for AC Efficiency

With these smart practices, you can reduce the load on your air conditioning system, while also reducing energy costs. Change the thermostat while you’re not home, replace the air filters, keep the heat inside your house to a minimum, add a solar attic fan, and trust a HVAC professional to keep your air conditioner running.