HVAC technician working on a furnace

For a first-time furnace buyer, or even a seasoned one, it can be difficult to know where to begin searching. Having knowledge about furnaces will help you decide which one will suit your  family's needs. You can select the perfect furnace for your home among a variety of furnace types such as single-stage, two-stage, variable, [...]

Family reading together with air filter in foreground

During the colder months, winter can result in exacerbated respiratory problems, especially for people with allergies or if they suffer from asthma. There is little need for opening windows to pull out musty air in late winter and early spring because it is still too chilly.  Dust mites, pet dander, and mold spores spread through [...]

Technician performing a tune up on a furnace

During a furnace tune-up, a technician will check internal components to ensure that they are operating as they should. By repairing any problems in the fall or early winter, you will be less likely to have a breakdown during the harsh winter months when HVAC technicians are in higher demand as weather increases the workload [...]

Person setting a wifi thermostat

WiFi-enabled thermostats are one of the most popular and widely used technologies of these new devices, and more people are expected to use them as the technology improves. In 2019, about 27% of Americans owned a smart home device. A standard home thermostat works much like these energy-saving products, except that they connect to Wi-Fi [...]

Woman enjoying a cool day in her house in the summer.

Summer AC temperatures will cause your air conditioner to use more energy to cool your home, thus increasing your electricity bill. Keeping your air conditioner from overworking is not as difficult as you may think. Maintaining your air conditioner and being proactive with it can make a big difference on how the system works, increasing [...]

Technician performing air conditioning maintenance

Many homeowners choose to forego air conditioning maintenance and instead contact their preferred HVAC professionals only when they have a significant problem with their central air systems. Many of those repairs could have been prevented with a regular maintenance schedule. Regular air conditioning maintenance is recommended between key seasons. The professionals who maintain your air [...]

Technician changing a furnace filter

Your A/C unit and furnace should each be inspected and cleaned in the spring and the fall, respectively. They may require more maintenance visits or repairs from your HVAC maintenance professional. It's a good idea to get a heating & air conditioning maintenance contract for your home. Instead of paying for visits and repairs, you'll [...]

Hand written air quality on whiteboard

The quality of your indoor air can affect your health. Poor indoor air quality can contribute to health problems such as breathing difficulties and allergies. Homeowners can ask for an indoor air quality test to verify if the air is healthy or not. If you're concerned about the quality of your indoor air, these tips [...]

Large furnace filter being changed

A working furnace is the heart of every home. It not only keeps you warm during chilly nights, but a well-maintained furnace will reduce utility costs so you can afford healthier living. If you want your furnace to work properly and last so long, it's crucial to replace its filter correctly and frequently. Here are [...]

HVAC technician performing maintenance on an AC unit

Getting your A/C unit inspected annually can have multiple benefits to you as a homeowner those include the following reasons to have your A/C unit inspected. Keeping your A/C maintained regularly allows it to more efficiently filter out dust and other contaminants from your home. An air conditioning unit that is not properly maintained can [...]