Furnace in Central Illinois

It makes sense to try to repair your heater as many times as possible before replacing it. However, not all furnaces can last forever. If you can diagnose your malfunctioning furnace using these warning signs before it goes out, a technician may be able to replace it.  Most furnaces last 20 to 30 years, but [...]

Blue furnace flames flame sensor

When your gas furnace shuts down repeatedly or shortly after turning it on, you may have a furnace flame sensor issue. Although many homeowners experience furnace flame sensor problems, they rarely need to make expensive heating repairs. You can identify a faulty furnace flame sensor when you understand why it is essential to its proper [...]

HVAC employee looking at a furnace in Central Illinois

Modern furnaces come equipped with built-in safeguards, one of which is the furnace limit switch, this switch is important to the daily operation of your furnace. You can learn what a furnace limit switch does, how it works, and how you can keep it in good shape. During a heating cycle, your furnace's burners need [...]

Dripping water with text Furnace leaking water? Here are some common reasons why.

Water leaks are common issues among homeowners; however, you should be concerned if you discover water near your furnace. If you have a water leak from your furnace, it could cause damage to your home. You could face costly repairs and mold growth, which could damage your home and jeopardize your health. The best way [...]

Furnace Filter Central Illiniois

Most Americans rely on some form of furnace to heat their homes. Despite how common these devices are, many people are unfamiliar with their regular maintenance needs. For example, are you aware that your furnace has an air filter that requires regular replacement?  For those who didn’t know, you likely thought to yourself, “Oh no. [...]

HVAC Technician examining a furnace

The furnace ignitor produces the clicking sound when you turn up the temperature to start the furnace. The ignitor produces a spark, which ignites the gas and heats the air. However, if the furnace ignitor stops working, you should find out what's causing it, if it needs to be replaced, and when you need professional [...]

Fall Furnace Maintenance in Central Illinois

HVAC maintenance and cleaning services are a necessary and efficient way to keep your furnace running efficiently all year long, and there is no better time to schedule your annual maintenance than in autumn. Autumn is the time of year when you’re revving your HVAC system back up to combat the cold weather, and when [...]

Energy Efficient in Central Illinois

Are you looking to replace your home’s furnace, but want to know which system will save you the most money? It’s tempting to buy the cheapest model, but you’re a savvy buyer. You want a system that will save you the most on your energy bills for the next 15 to 20 years.  For that, [...]

Person Who is Hot Because the AC has Stopped Cooling

Your air conditioner may not be cooling the house for a variety of reasons, ranging from an incorrectly set thermostat to ductwork leaks. Read on to find out what to check before calling a professional. Ensure that the temperature setting hasn't been changed if the thermostat is set to cool. When it's off, set to [...]

AC Unit in Champaign Illinois

Every air conditioning system has a condensate drainpipe, which looks like a white PVC pipe. Condensate flows out of your house via the drain line during regular operation. When you observe a large amount of water gathering around your indoor AC unit, you may have a blocked drain line. Here are other symptoms of an [...]