Person Who is Hot Because the AC has Stopped Cooling

Your air conditioner may not be cooling the house for a variety of reasons, ranging from an incorrectly set thermostat to ductwork leaks. Read on to find out what to check before calling a professional. Ensure that the temperature setting hasn't been changed if the thermostat is set to cool. When it's off, set to [...]

AC Unit in Champaign Illinois

Every air conditioning system has a condensate drainpipe, which looks like a white PVC pipe. Condensate flows out of your house via the drain line during regular operation. When you observe a large amount of water gathering around your indoor AC unit, you may have a blocked drain line. Here are other symptoms of an [...]

HVAC Unit in summer

  HVAC systems require regular maintenance to keep them in top condition just like any machine. Make sure to follow these tips so you can guarantee a comfortable, cooler environment for you and your family.  Call an HVAC technician to visit your house and check the state of your HVAC system. If you want too [...]

Air Conditioning Unit Champaign IL AC Repair

As a homeowner, one of the many tasks you have to perform is ensuring that your air conditioner is well maintained.  As your air conditioner ages, its performance may deteriorate while your energy bills increase. Find out the signs of when to fix your AC and even prevent it from happening in the first place [...]

Air Conditioner Capacitor

When it comes to indoor comfort and energy costs, the air conditioner capacitor plays an important role. The compressor in your air conditioner uses considerable energy, especially when starting up, but a capacitor makes the unit start quickly.  If your indoor temperature has risen in the spring and summer months, you may need to check [...]

Air Conditioner in Champaign

During hot weather, you rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool. Unfortunately, just like other pieces of equipment, your air conditioner can experience issues at any time. While an air conditioner can suffer from a variety of issues, one of the most common is your ac freezing up. Read on to find out [...]

Programmable thermostat set to 76 degrees

Keeping your house at a comfortable temperature during the summer requires a balance between your family's preferences and your budget. As your thermostat is lowered during the summer, your energy bills will increase. You should consider the best temperature settings and how much you can save before you aim for the right temperature in your [...]

Lightning Storm AC damage

Spring and summer can bring storms, often with lightning. If the weather turns violent, using your air conditioner during a thunderstorm can do some damage to your unit. Consider these reasons to prepare your air conditioner to turn off before the storm comes. Lighting strikes can cause a significant power surge through your home's electrical [...]

High Efficiency Air Conditioner

If you’re a homeowner deciding on an air conditioner, choosing the right one for your needs can be challenging. There are a lot of factors to consider. One of them may be the energy efficiency, or SEER Rating, of the units you are considering. SEER ratings serve as an easy means to communicate and compare [...]

HVAC Technician performing maintenance on an air conditioning unit

We all take for granted that our home will remain cool during hot summer days because, in general, our air conditioning just works. But, just like anything else, your air conditioner needs regular checkups and maintenance to perform at its best. Here, we discuss what's involved in an AC tune up and why you should [...]