Why Is Your AC Freezing Up?

During hot weather, you rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool. Unfortunately, just like other pieces of equipment, your air conditioner can experience issues at any time. While an air conditioner can suffer from a variety of issues, one of the most common is your ac freezing up.

Read on to find out the common causes of an air conditioner freezing up and how to fix the problem and get cool comfort back to your home.

Clogged Air Filters

Your air conditioner can also freeze up when the air filter is dirty or clogged. Considering how important air filters are to airflow, you should always make sure they’re clean. The passage of indoor air is obstructed by a buildup of dirt on the filter.

Even if your air conditioner is functioning properly, poor airflow through your filters can make your home uncomfortable. As a result, make sure that your air conditioner’s filters are replaced frequently.

You should make sure that your supply and return vents are free from obstructions. Don’t let furniture or any other objects block your vents. It’s also a good idea to keep no more than 2-3 supply vents closed. If you have pets or allergies, you should change your air filter every three months.

Clogged Condensate Lines

The evaporator coil absorbs heat and moisture from the air. Your air conditioner’s condensate line transports condensed moisture away from the cold refrigerant. Water near the evaporator coil freezes when this line becomes clogged.

A clogged system will eventually overflow with water. An increase in moisture in the system can cause the evaporator coil to freeze. To avoid this issue, remove any clogs in the drain line and seek professional assistance.

Damaged Blower Fan

The blower motor and fan blow air over the coils, thus cooling the air. If this fan stops working, you won’t get cool air from your vents. This can cause your air conditioner to freeze. If your air conditioner freezes, check the blower motor and fan. In this case, you will most likely hear rattling noises coming from your air conditioner.

An HVAC technician should also inspect your system’s blower fan. An AC system with a broken blower fan can not only stop working, but it can also drastically reduce performance. An experienced technician should check the rotational speed and power supply of the fan, as well as the motor’s age and overall condition.

Dirty Coil

The same should apply to dust. If you avoid ice at all costs, then you should also avoid dust. A dirty air filter can cause dust to accumulate on your AC refrigerant coils. The coils are often damp from surrounding moisture, allowing dust to easily attach.

In coils, dust acts as an insulator and can prevent cold from escaping, causing ice to form. As moisture accumulates, thick layers of ice can form. Over time, coils will become dusty, requiring cleaning. Thus, professional inspections should be performed on a regular basis.

Low Refrigerant Level

You may not have enough refrigerant in your system if your air conditioner begins to freeze. A refrigerant cools the air before it enters your home. When an air conditioner doesn’t have enough refrigerant, its pressure drops. When this happens, the temperature in the evaporator coils drops, possibly below freezing, and water vapor around the coils freezes and sticks to the coils.

You want to check for refrigerant leaks to fix a frozen air conditioner. The leaks may be in the refrigerant lines, the compressor, or the evaporator coil. Since an air conditioner is closed, you should never add more refrigerant. HVAC technicians have years of experience dealing with refrigerant difficulties. Making use of the services of an HVAC technician can save you time, energy, and frustration.

Collapsed Air Ducts

Your air ducts play a crucial role in the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Occasionally, they may, however, develop problems ranging from leaks to clogs, resulting in very poor airflow. If your air conditioner is freezing up or if your vents are not producing adequate airflow, schedule an appointment with a professional.

How Can I Prevent My Air Conditioner From Freezing Up?

To prevent a frozen air conditioner from recurring, set up a preventative maintenance schedule. Check your filters regularly. You should have an HVAC professional inspect your air conditioner before summer begins. In the fall, you should check your ductwork to prevent issues that may occur and cost you money during the winter when you really need heat.

Always Keep Your Air Conditioner Running

When your air conditioner isn’t working properly, watch for signs that indicate something is wrong, and act quickly if you find out something is wrong. Our professional technicians are ready to help get your AC back up and running. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to get an appointment scheduled.