Best Ways To Keep Your Home Energy Efficient

As temperatures drop and the days get shorter, you want to reduce your energy consumption. However, it’s hard to know what steps you can take that will make a difference. Using these tips for reducing energy use in the winter will allow you to keep your home comfortable while at the same time reducing your monthly bills.

1. Check for Leaks Around Your Home

Caulk your windows to ensure that no warm air escapes. To keep cold air out, use door sweeps and weather strips. Check for leaks in the attic or any holes around the house’s vents/ducts. The results of an energy audit will help you identify the areas of your home where air leaks are inefficient and how you can cut costs.

2. Keep Your Home Warm with Smart thermostats

It is tempting to keep your temperature high throughout the winter. By turning your thermostat down just a few degrees during the winter, you can save up to 10% on heating bills. It may feel uncomfortable at first but you will quickly get used to it and not be affected by fluctuating temperatures that much.

Smart thermostats are a great way to save money while you’re at home or away. On your smartphone, program automation features that allow the heater to come on before you arrive and turn off after leaving by setting up geofencing around where your phone is located. It is also possible to install smart-thermostat software to control the temperature in multiple parts of your house at different times throughout the day and night cycle using only one device.

3. Keep Warm Air Flowing with Ceiling Fans

Most ceiling fans have a reverse switch that will send the warmer air near your ceiling down into the rest of your room. This helps circulate hot air throughout all areas of the house, making sure the warm air spreads out. It is important that you first check that your heater is working and to make sure nothing is blocking the ventilation in your house while it is heating.

4. Try a Space Heater

If you are looking for a low-cost way to heat a single room or a space that is typically not heated,  like a garage, an electric space heater is the best choice. Space heaters can be very efficient for things like this because you don’t need to heat the entire house to heat the single space and you can shut the heater off when you are no longer in the room or garage.

5. Unplug Devices When You Can

Did you know that chargers draw energy, even when they are not plugged into devices like phones and tablets? For both energy efficiency and fire prevention, it’s a good idea to unplug appliances and devices when they are not in use. If it is difficult to reach wall plugs, using a power strip can make it easy to plug and unplug your devices. You can also use the power strip’s “off” button.

Get Winter Savings on Your Electricity Bills

Taking care of your home’s air leaks and using technology to your advantage can help you stay warm without increasing the bills. When you follow these easy tips, you can reduce your home’s energy consumption and enjoy an energy-efficient winter.