The Benefits Of Fall Furnace Maintenance

HVAC maintenance and cleaning services are a necessary and efficient way to keep your furnace running efficiently all year long, and there is no better time to schedule your annual maintenance than in autumn. Autumn is the time of year when you’re revving your HVAC system back up to combat the cold weather, and when your heating bills tend to begin to climb.   While you can perform some basic furnace maintenance tasks yourself at home, it’s necessary to hire the help of an experienced HVAC  professional to check for blockages and other issues you may not be able to identify. Here are just a few of the benefits of getting your furnace inspected and maintained by a professional HVAC company in the autumn. 

Stay Comfortable

If your furnace isn’t working, you won’t be able to keep the interior of your house warm as the temperature drops. A malfunctioning HVAC system could result in the temperatures in your house dropping below comfortable temperatures – and it doesn’t take a total system failure to cause potential discomfort, either.   An issue as small as a blockage or clog can wreak havoc on your HVAC system, preventing your house from staying warm in the autumn and winter. Even if hot air is coming out of your ducts, your furnace may not be effectively distributing the air throughout your house if there are any internal issues or blockages.  Malfunctions in your furnace can cause other obnoxious problems, too, such as strange odors or sounds like bangs, rumbles, or shaking, that can disrupt your life at home and cause you stress.  Needless to say, a lot can go wrong if you do not maintain your furnace. If you want to keep you and your family warm and prevent issues with your furnace’s functionality, it’s critical to keep your furnace maintenance up-to-date and get it checked as autumn approaches. 

Extend Your System’s Lifespan

Humans need to go to the doctor for checkups to keep their body healthy, and go to the dentist in order to keep their teeth healthy. Your HVAC system needs checkups, too, in order to stay healthy over time and prevent it from wearing out.   The average furnace lasts around 18 years when properly and regularly maintained, but a high-quality and well-maintained furnace could last even longer. If you don’t take care of your furnace and regularly schedule HVAC maintenance, your furnace could stop working in just a few years, causing you to have to purchase a brand new HVAC system.   Maintenance also extends your system’s lifespan by preventing breakdowns; according to the Indoor Air Quality Association, regular furnace maintenance reduces the likelihood of your system breaking down by 95%. It is a smart choice to prevent your system from totally breaking down, as a new furnace can run anywhere from $4,700 to over $10,000. 

Save On Heating Costs 

As fall creeps in, cooler weather accompanies it. The beginning of autumn is when you begin to use your furnace again after a spring and summer of leaving it idle, so your heating costs will no doubt go up around this time of year. Keeping your furnace properly serviced and maintained, though, can keep those bills down.   According to the Indoor Air Quality Association, regular HVAC maintenance can decrease your monthly energy bill by as much as 30%. This is an incredibly important difference for most families at a time when heating bills are notably high due to inflation. In fact, the Bureau of Labor found a 27% cost increase for energy from 2021 to 2022. With such high energy costs as the chillier months of the year approach, a 30% reduction in your bill can make a tremendous difference. 

Stay Under Warranty

Most HVAC manufacturers require that you get your HVAC system serviced annually in order to keep your warranty. If you need to submit a repair claim at any point, it’s critical that you have your warranty in place; otherwise, you may end up having to pay for the repairs or even purchase a brand new HVAC system. By keeping up with preventative maintenance, you’re doing your part in taking care of your HVAC system; if something major happens to go wrong, then your HVAC system manufacturer can do their part.   Scheduling your annual \ furnace maintenance in the fall will not only help you prevent potentially dangerous leaks, extend the life of your furnace, and help you save on heating costs, it will give you peace of mind as you go into the holiday season. After all, while you’re dressing up for Halloween with your family, planning for Thanksgiving dinner or buying Christmas gifts, you don’t want to be worried about your furnace at home not functioning. To prevent any future issues with your furnace and address any ongoing ones, it’s best to call an experienced HVAC maintenance technician like the team at Kelso!