The Best Ways to Heat and Cool Older Homes

It can be difficult to heat and cool an older home. Keeping an older home comfortable does not mean paying exorbitant heating and cooling costs. Your old house can be more energy efficient all year round with a variety of HVAC options.

The Best HVAC Options For Cooling Older Homes

Modern forced air cooling systems cannot operate in older houses without the ductwork needed. Therefore, historic homes with a standard central system may not be the best option. Older homes can benefit from these energy-efficient cooling systems.

High-Velocity HVAC

The ducts in high-velocity HVAC systems are smaller and more efficient than typical ones. Their small size makes them easier to install throughout the house. The smaller vents wouldn’t interfere with the interior design of your home.

Ductless Mini-Split HVAC

If you have an older home without ducts, ductless HVAC units are an excellent choice. The ductless units only require a small hole to be drilled into the wall, so they’re less likely to leak air and pose a security risk. In addition, they are less noticeable and less audible.

Best HVAC Options for Heating Old Houses

You can also optimize your heating system without breaking the bank by simple, more usual modifications you can make to your older home’s heating system.

Radiant Heat

Unlike furnaces and heat pumps, radiant heating uses pipes under the floor to deliver hot water. This system is common in older homes and provides on-demand heated air, but it may leak. As a result, you should check the system if you want to avoid problems like leaks. Make sure you choose a modern radiant heating system for your convenience.

Mini-Duct Forced Air System

A high-velocity mini-duct system transports heat from a home by absorbing it indoors and releasing it outdoors. Similar to traditional cooling systems, it has advantages such as easy installation, discreet design and improved air circulation. Add a heat source to warm the forced air through the ductwork to increase the heating capacity.

Modulating-Condensing Boilers

Modulating-condensing boilers offer improved efficiency for hot water radiator systems compared to older boilers. These boilers only heat the quantity of water required to heat your home. As a result, they dramatically reduce energy bills when used to heat older homes.

Boost Your Old House’s Energy Efficiency

Any of these HVAC options can help you warm and cool your home efficiently. You should consult an HVAC technician to make sure your choice is ideal for your home. A correctly sized system for your home will keep your older house comfortable all year.