Choosing a Furnace: The Best Furnace For Your Home

For a first-time furnace buyer, or even a seasoned one, it can be difficult to know where to begin searching. Having knowledge about furnaces will help you decide which one will suit your  family’s needs.

You can select the perfect furnace for your home among a variety of furnace types such as single-stage, two-stage, variable, and modulating furnaces.

Single stage furnace

In a single-stage furnace, there are only two options: off and on. There are some disadvantages to this design: it isn’t as energy-efficient as more modern models, and the furnace can sometimes heat the room near the thermostat faster than the rest of the house.

Due, in part, to their older design and lower efficiency than two-stage and modulating furnaces, single-stage furnaces are less expensive to purchase. Short term, this is a less expensive option, but may cost you more money in the long term.

Two-stage furnace

Two-stage furnaces have two settings for low mode and high mode. Usually the furnace is set to the lowest setting, but when the temperature drops below a certain level, it switches to the highest setting. Two-stage furnaces are best for houses with multiple floors to keep them evenly heated as compared to single-stage furnaces.

The higher efficiency of a two-stage furnace comes at a higher price, however. You can expect to spend about a few hundred to several hundred dollars more if you choose a two-stage furnace. Again, this additional upfront cost may be mitigated by its efficiency over time.

Variable/multi speed furnaces

The air temperature in your home is tracked by a variable or multi-speed furnace, which, in turn, controls the speed of the blower motor. This increased accuracy results in a more consistent heating of the home. Furthermore, continuous air flow contributes to better temperature control and air filtering.

For those planning to live in their house for at least five years, it is a good idea to consider this type of furnace. There is a larger upfront investment, but if you are planning to stay in your home for a while or want a competitive advantage when selling your home, the lower energy bills can more than make up for that initial investment..

Modulating furnaces

A modulating furnace is more accurate and manageable than a single or even a double-stage furnace. The furnace will adjust the temperature of your home based on changes, keeping it between one and two degrees to your desired temperature.

The modulating furnace becomes even more efficient with a variable-speed (or multi-speed) blower motor that can be used to heat your home more evenly and use less energy by employing multiple fan speeds.

This is ideal if your home costs a great deal to heat or it is more difficult to heat. If you intend to live in your existing home for a while, a modulating furnace can be a great investment.

Select the Best Furnace for Your Home

How to choose the right furnace for your home depends on several elements, such as your budget, the size of the furnace your home requires, how long you plan on staying at your home, and what heating troubles your home currently faces. We are experts in helping homeowners choose the right furnace for their home.