Use Your Ceiling Fan The Right Way To Save Money In The Winter

Many people are familiar with using your ceiling fan to produce a cool breeze in the summer, but less people are familiar with the energy savings and increased comfort you can get by using your ceiling fan correctly in the winter.

1. Rotation Matters

Did you know that ensuring that your ceiling fan is rotating in the right direction can help you save money on your power bill? In the winter, find the switch that controls the direction of the blades on your ceiling fan and make sure your fan is rotating clockwise to pull air up. This updraft will push the warm air from the ceiling down the walls to the floor, which will make your room feel warmer.

Consider an Energy Star-rated ceiling fan, which is more efficient and uses better motors for reduced energy use. These fans can save up to 40% on energy costs than traditional fans.

2. Use A Low Setting

In the winter, the goal of a ceiling fan isn’t to create a strong breeze in your home. It’s to push the warmer air down to where you are rather than having it drift upward to the ceiling. This is best accomplished with the lowest setting of your ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fans Can Reduce Winter Heating When Used Properly

You can save money on your winter energy costs by changing how your fan blades spin. This will also result in less wear-and-tear on your heater, saving on costly repairs down the road. Even in the coldest months, changing the direction of your ceiling fans can save you money while keeping you comfortable.